My name is Allison & I started off 4 years ago with just selling Simply Southern shirts at my kid's school holiday bazaar. Through meeting people and friends who encouraged me along the way my business flourished. I have many vendor events, home parties, Facebook groups, and a website. Oh and there is that husband and 3 boys (14,12, and 8) at home so needless to say I have my hands full!!! While I love this business and am truly thankful for it and the way it provides for my family, it's not my only job. I am also a hairstylist at the Ultimate Look in Durham, NC.  I offer local pick-up for those wanting to save on shipping charges & available to my area (Durham & Stem NC).

 Also, my home bonus room is set up like a little boutique with a pretty good spread of products. You can invite all your girlfriends and  host a party at my home. Based on the success of the party, you can add quite a few freebies to your southern charm collection, so no hassle of cleaning or getting ready for a party, it's all done for you. Just book the date and show up with your girlfriends to shop! If this sounds like something you would like to do, contact me! Who doesn't love free?! Be sure to sign up for our email specials!!